Corporate Vision:

To be able to serve our partners faster, better and more effectively than the competition by constantly proposing new solutions and innovations and anticipating the needs of our customers. To be able to maintain our qualitative advantage with continuous development of our technological equipment while being a socially active and forward-looking corporation.

Our mission to provide integrated solutions.
AR-CON Hellas ABEE provides total solutions that are in strict compliance with time and cost margins while maintaining high quality standards that have been formulated in collaboration with our customers.

The AR-CON Hellas Philosophy “Turnkey & Ready to Go Solutions”
High aesthetics, quality construction, smooth operational implementation and we guarantee perfect results, every time. We outline our plans and construction in full detailed proposals, specifications and quality programs.

We determine analytically the costs and we never deviate from it.
We offer solutions that significantly improve the functionality of the project and while paying strict adherence to maintaining a low cost/effectiveness ratio. We monitor technological developments, enrich and continuously improve our services and the design and production infrastructure.
We believe and invest in our people, fostering the best possible relations and working conditions, while we continuously train our staff in design issues, production and sales.

Our Goals

  • The fulfillment of our customers’ needs and requirements while keeping a high standard of quality.
  • Monitoring the development of the market and keeping up to date.
  • Continuous training of our staff to provide excellent services.
  • The development of new markets and new business opportunities.
  • Participation in ‘Social Responsibility’ initiatives and actions.


Because we are a Greek shopfitting industry with offices in Attica and Thessaloniki.

Because we produce most of our products ourselves so we can offer idealized solutions tailored to your needs.

We provide full technical support in Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus. We aim to provide on-site service within three hours of Thessaloniki and Attica and within 24 hours for the rest of Greece.

Because we are consistent in our schedules and seek to provide products and services without small print and hidden costs.

We provide a fully integrated solution starting with the design, installation and management of the project until the delivery of the finished product.

Because your space should be unique and stand out from your competitors; fully reflective of your personality and needs and not depend on cookie-cutter and ready-made inflexible solutions.