Cantilever Systems (Unicant)

The storage needs of long length items such as pipes, uprights, plastic profiles, aluminium rods and wooden panels require shelves that can provide continuous loading surfaces.

Cantilever type shelves are specifically designed for this type of storage. Cantilever systems can be installed against a wall or even on an isle based configuration for storage on both sides.

We provide the UNICANT cantilever system from Metalsistem. This system is capable of height of up to 7 meters and bracket lengths of up to 2 meters, depending on size and weight restrictions.

System Advantages

  • High load bearing capacity
  • Robust and durable
  • Large range of accessories like metal surfaces for pallet storage and anti-slipping parts


Προβολικά Ράφια 01
Προβολικά Ράφια 02