Trolley Protection Systems

Every year millions of euros worth of trolleys is lost from shops in Greece. This problem has a significant impact on shop profitability and viability since it affects many aspects of the shops performance.

Missing trolleys results in clients visiting the shop and not finding available trolleys.As a consequence, they are effectively being turned away to visit a competitive store.

Moreover, at busy times, for example Christmas, when all available trolleys could be utilized, even one missing trolley leads to a significant loss of revenue.

Retrieving stolen trolleys from around the shop is never a good solution since not all trolleys will be recovered and, even the ones who are required are often damaged,worn beyond use or unsafe. Moreover, trolley retrieval requires valuable staff time which costs money.

AR-CON Hellas ABEE offers the tried and tested CartControl system by Gatekeeper.

CartControl can be installed in every trolley available in the Greek market and works by effectively blocking the exit of the shop’s trolleys outside of designated areas.

The system requires no intervention by staff for its everyday operation and emits an audible alarm, in case a failure that would lead to trolley loss occurs.

CartControl by Gatekeeper effectively nullifies trolleys loss and, in most cases, leads to an extremely fast return of investment time.


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