Store Renovations

For the first time in Greece, AR-CON Hellas ABEE provides programs for leasing of commercial premises equipment.

The primary advantage of leasing your equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets that are seemingly out-of-reach because of high initial purchase costs. Leasing your equipment means you can enhance your business with minimal initial expenditure, without significantly affecting your cash-flow. A variety of equipment is available to lease with a defined time period ranging from 6 months to 7 years.

Long-term leases are also available, with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the contract at a 'symbolic' price.

Equipment leasing is suitable for:

Retail stores: store shelves, checkout counters, cleaning equipment, balers and other equipment.
Warehouses, manufacturers and logistic companies: storage shelves, cleaning equipment and balers.

10 reasons why you should lease your equipment:

  • Low initial cost (helps with cash-flow)
  • Reduce fixed equipment costs
  • Easy to replace or upgrade
  • Equipment is always up-to-date
  • Equipment is available for immediate use
  • Clearly defined operating costs
  • Minimum downtime of equipment (replacement equipment available)
  • No equipment maintenance costs
  • No equipment disposal costs
  • Compliance with the law (fuses, licenses, etc.)

Choose from one of our many leasing programs available to gain competitive advantage over your competitors. You can efficiently equip your business with products from AR-CON Hellas at an affordable monthly fee.