The Company

Your Trusted partner since 1991!

At our facilities, both in Thessaloniki and Athens, there are exhibitions with all kinds of equipment we have.


AR-CON Hellas ABEE was founded in 1991, in Thessaloniki by C. Konstantinidis, X. Konstantinidis and M. Vassiliadou.

Since 1991, we are constantly striving to fulfil our clients’ every need. We are constantly monitoring and adjusting to market requirements by developing and marketing innovative and client-customized products.

From the start we have sought to seek strategic partnerships with large foreign manufacturing houses such as SIDAC, METALSISTEM, PLASTIMARK, CADDIE, LOGISTICA PAGGIOLA, ZWEI, MACFAB, SITOUR, TENNANT, etc.

Throughout the years the need to offer customized retail solutions necessitated the creation of a state-of-the-art metal and wood production. Our production lines are automated, with flexible production lines and technologically advanced, equipped with the newest available machinery the market has to offer.

The combination of our extremely talented industrial design team, our experienced manufacturing specialists and our flexible and automated production line capabilities makes us capable of designing, prototyping, producing and marketing products of excellent quality and very competitive prices.

AR-CON Hellas ABEE’s head office, production facility and warehouse premises is located in the Industrial Zone of Sindos in Thessaloniki.

Our Athens branch operates at Leof. Constantinos Karamanli 150, Acharnai. Both our Thessaloniki and Athens offices are manned with capable sales-design associates and have fully equipped showrooms showcasing all our products, including many of our special customized manufactured equipment, giving you a visual representation of our ideas and solutions to every kind of space.

Technology of tomorrow, today.


Local Industry

We are a local supermarket and store equipment industry with offices in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Customizable Solutions

We design and produce equipment that is adapted to your needs and store space. In this way, we achieve maximum display of your products

Turnkey Solutions

We can provide you with the complete project process from studying your store, to designing, manufacturing and installing the equipment. We can, therefore, provide you with genuine turnkey solutions.

We are structured, as an organisation, with flexibility in mind. With respect to your demand for quality products, at competitive prices, we avoid one-for-all solutions and co-create, each time, products fully customised to your needs, aesthetics and brand identity.

We endeavour to be consistent and punctual. Our quotations are clear, analytical and well-defined. Free from ‘fine print’ and hidden costs and with strict accordance to previously agreed time schedules.

Technical Support

We provide full and direct technical support within Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus. If a matter of urgency occurs, our aim is to service you within 3 hours for Thessaloniki and Attica and 24 hours for the rest of the country.