Corporate Vision

We continuously strive to satisfy market requirements by offering innovative, cost-effective quality products and provide turn-key solutions to our prospective clients.

Our Mission: The provision of integrated solutions.

At AR-CON Hellas ABEE we provide integrated solutions for your retail equipment needs.

We offer high quality products and market-leading manufacturing times. We strictly adhere to your project completion dates. We aim at building strong bonds with our clients in order to ensure maximum possible client satisfaction and the optimum price/benefit ratio.

Our Philosophy: Turn-key solutions

We can conceptualise, develop, design, market and complete projects from the ground up.

Utilising our experience and the input of our very capable designers, we can offer solutions that combine aesthetically superior looks and ease of use.

We are providing analytical and precise quotations and do not deviate from them.

We are constantly monitoring new developments in production materials. We are always keen on adopting new manufacturing techniques in order to enhance the quality of our goods. Our associates are leading specialists and are continuously trained in order to provide the best solutions modern technology has to offer.

We are, therefore, capable and confident of giving our clients quotations that are not only cost-effective but also free from “small-print”.

We realize that cost management is extremely important and that no project comes with an unlimited supply of resources for ‘unforeseen circumstances’. Therefore, our quotations are always concise and analytical. We are 100% focused on a policy of “no hidden costs” or “sudden surprises”.

Our Aim

  • The provision of integrated solutions focused on clients’ needs, best quality and competitive prices, while maintaining speedy delivery times and reliability.
  • The continuous improvement of our staff capabilities, of our products and of our services in order to always be capable of providing excellent customer satisfaction.
  • To build strong business and trust bonds in order to ensure that AR-CON Hellas ABEE is your single required retail solutions provider.